Financial Management Tools Bring Gift of Convenience

This holiday season, it has never been more necessary to have the best online banking solution – especially with the online channel growing in use and importance. Synergent offers the Jwaala next generation online banking solution, Better Online Banking.

Jwaala Better Online Banking is much more than “just” online banking. Offering integrated financial management tools, this online banking solution offers a new way for credit unions to become an interactive part of their members’ lives.

With the integrated Personal Financial Management tools members can create customized monthly budgets, monitor and trend transactions, and set customized alerts. During the holidays, this tool is invaluable to members. “Members can create a budget for holiday shopping gifts, helping them to remain in control of their spending,” says Paul Leblond, Business Development Specialist at Synergent. “Members can also create custom memos with all their holiday shopping so they know what they bought, and where it came from,” added Leblond. It can be a challenge to stay on track with holiday spending, but this powerful online banking solution can assist your members to do just that.

Jwaala Better Online Banking will help your credit union build member loyalty and increase retention this holiday season; by giving your members the tools they need to build a budget and manage their personal finances, you have given them the gift of convenience for the holidays.

Click here to view Synergent’s Financial Tools video that highlights Jwaala Better Online Banking. 

Katy Ford
Maketing & Communications Assistant