Helping Credit Unions Provide the Best Member Service


Today’s communication tools allow for easy interaction, any time, any place, but personal interactions remain an integral part of our service standard. Whether between our company and partner credit unions, or with the third-party vendors we partner with and endorse, face-to-face interaction is irreplaceable.

Ted Bilke, CEO of Symitar, recently spent time at Synergent’s headquarters in Westbrook, ME. His team and the Synergent team spent time listening to and learning from each other.

“The Synergent/Symitar partnership is a great example of one plus one equals three,” shared Bilke. “Symitar delivers the most widely adopted core platform in the credit union industry with a wide range of features and capabilities. Synergent provides the scale as an outsource provider of Symitar’s Episys platform, and wraps many other value-added products and services in solutions to its customers. Acting as both a service provider and aggregator of services and products, Synergent provides their credit union customers the scale and capabilities equal to the largest credit union and banking competitors.”

Synergent is built on the credit union philosophy of “people helping people,” helping credit unions provide the best member service by connecting them with the latest, most innovative products and services that drive credit union operations. “The Episys platform has more third-party products integrated to it than any core platform in the industry, providing Synergent’s customers a variety of choices for most any requirement,” stated Bilke. “Episys aggregates data from a variety of sources providing Synergent’s customers with the ability to report and analyze data in a variety of ways.”

Credit unions who partner with Synergent are able to outsource many operational needs that would be cost-prohibitive to maintain in-house. Whether programming, API, integration, apps, or operational needs, the partnership that Synergent has with Symitar enables credit unions to remain competitive in the fast moving FinTech environment. “Symitar’s Episys platform provides a tremendous amount of capabilities and flexibility,” explained Bilke. “Synergent takes ownership of the operation, customization and integration of third-party products with the Episys platform, allowing their customers to focus on running and growing their businesses. Working together, Symitar and Synergent handle the complex heavy-lifting and leverage those costs across a large number of customers to provide an efficient and economical solution for credit unions.”

Working together, Symitar and Synergent are focused on the future, ensuring that the latest analytic offerings and valued services are ready to meet the evolving needs of credit unions. “Symitar has been offering an in-house data warehouse and reporting solution for its in-house customers for several years now called Advanced Reporting for Credit Unions (ARCU),” elaborated Bilke. “In the last year, we’ve started offering ARCU as a fully-hosted solution managed remotely. We expect to see wide adoption of ARCU across our outsourced customers over the next couple of years as they too look for the reporting and analytics capabilities that the in-house customers have been enjoying. With ARCU we offer a variety of reporting, dashboards and Excel based pivot-tables that provide a better understanding of your members’ data. We will also be announcing later in 2017 the availability of several predictive analytics models which take the trends of historical data and map those into forward-looking predictions.”