In The Wake of a Breach, Keep the Conversation Going

As news of the Target security breach is losing steam, what has opened is a window of opportunity to communicate with members.  In addition to reinforcing that your credit union is a safe, secure, and technologically advanced place for their money, it is also a great time to share tips on how they can keep their credit and debit cards safe.

Here are some of our favorite card safety tips for members:

  • Encourage them to be vigilant about monitoring their accounts for suspicious activity, and to communicate with your credit union immediately if any is noticed.
  • Remind members to never give out personal information over the telephone
  • Knowledge is power.  Give members a better understanding of how credit cards work.

Make sure this good sense continues in their online shopping.  Advise them to:          

  • Avoid any websites that seem illegitimate – even if there is just a hint of doubt
  • Avoid clicking on hyperlinks embedded in emails.
  • Only shop at secure websites
  • Never give their Social Security number to anyone online
  • Create complex user passwords

A data breach impacts more than those directly affected, as fear for the safety of their finances, and even identity can haunt any consumer.  Take this time to strengthen your member relationships by reinforcing your credit union’s role as a trusted resource, now and throughout the year.