Inspiration Through Innovation & Community

As many credit unions know, it takes innovation to be seen. Recently, the first ever Google+ Hangout Staged at the House of Blues in New Orleans, hosted by CO-OP, a Shared Branching partner of Synergent, took place as part of CO-OP’s THINK 14 conference. This social media hangout featured Daria Musk, a self-made Google+ sensation from Connecticut. This concert was the official launch of CO-OP’s initiative: Empowering people. Amplifying dreams. Daria has amazing talent with an inspiring story behind her rising star.

Daria’s story is not lacking for innovation. She began her music career by playing in small cafés to many empty chairs. This went on for some time until one night, a couple wandered in to the café, gave her their undivided attention, and dropped a $50 bill in her tip jar as they left. What Daria got from that $50 was the encouragement she needed to keep going and reach her dream. Lacking contacts, cash, and connections Daria had to get innovative to achieve her dream.

The innovation that has led Daria to a fan base of more than 2 million people worldwide is Google+ Hangouts. She found that she could invite her fans to these hangouts where they could watch her play a live concert for them. It is through these hangouts and the commitment to her dream that has led Daria to her success.

As a credit union member, Daria is supportive of credit unions nationwide. However, her support comes from the belief that credit union goals are not far from her own goals: working to bring communities together, and to make a positive change. Her quote from this video says it all: “The power of community can make anything possible”.

Synergent works with credit unions on a daily basis to ensure the service that the credit union is able to provide to its community of members exceeds expectations. An excellent example of this occurred in early January; Katahdin FCU, had a fire break out at their Millinocket, ME location. Within 25 minutes there was contact with Synergent. From the point of contact, and while the fire was still underway, Synergent worked to reconfigure the network to allow the credit union’s members could conduct transactions at Eastmill FCU, located just 6.6 miles from Katahdin FCU. From there, Synergent staff contacted CO-OP to work on an emergency conversion to their Shared Branching Network, completing the emergency conversion that same day. As a result, the Katahdin member community was able to have access not only to Eastmill FCU, but the more than 150 statewide and 5,000 nationwide Shared Branching locations. It is this sense of community that sets credit unions apart, and Synergent is proud to be a part of it.