Lift the Curtain: Keep Staff and Members Clued-in on Conversion

news-post-it.jpgWith all of the chaos that a conversion of any kind can create – from a core processing changeover to introducing a new home banking platform – it can be tempting to take a “Wizard of Oz” approach, and not let your members see what’s going on behind the proverbial curtain. From this example, it’s easy to see that munchkins (or member), are much happier to be in the know.

Conversions are all about planning, and the same goes for communications. Come clean about what it really means to the member – both the good and the uncomfortable.

Realize that just because you might not use a particular product, many others do, and will notice if it has changed. This is something Ben Jordan, AVP of Technology Services here at Synergent, noted as credit unions were preparing for a change in their Audio Response Systems. “For many members, the IVR system is how they prefer to interact with their credit union. Making sure these members are aware of the new system is key to maintaining and strengthening their relationship with the credit union. When we see that an institution has on average 8.2 calls per active user per month – communicating this change to them is a great investment!”

When making a change like this, Synergent shares the following guidelines on how to maximize communication, and minimize confusion during the conversion process.

• Make sure marketing and operational staff communicate how the product will be
introduced to ensure smooth roll out
• Inform members in advance– If you plan ahead, you’ll have less questions when you make a change
• Roll out to staff prior to unveiling product to members and make sure they are
aware of all key dates
• Train frontline staff so they are able to give tutorials to members if needed
• Make sure all current communications pieces are updated, and promote through
consistent, highly visible pieces, including web banners, newsletters, posters, emails, and other common points of contact

So lift the conversion curtain! The view will be much better for all involved!