Marketing Summit Strategies: Discover the Upside of Data!

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, The Corporate Downsides of Big Data, a featured poll shared that most companies are starting to take “the plunge” into analyzing their data.  Here are the reasons why businesses are taking the leap.


  • Enhancing customer experience
  • Processing efficiency
  • Development of new products or business models
  • More targeted marketing
  • Cost reduction

While all these reasons are strong, the article states that for many, a great obstacle to using tracking tools is actually possessing the skills to use them effectively. These challenges include complicated technology, lack of expertise, rapidly evolving tools and more.  Understanding how overwhelming these challenges can be, Synergent Direct Marketing Services is sharing how they can help with their annual Marketing Summits.  Titled “All Aboard” for Marketing Success, the session first debuted October 9 in Marlborough, MA, and will be conducting its second session tomorrow in Brunswick, ME.  Through these events, marketers are learning how Synergent can make taking the plunge into big data far less frightening through:

  • Highly Targeted, Personalized Campaigns
  • Team Collaboration with Episys Data Mining Specialists
  • Tracking Tools to Measure Campaign Results
  • Automated Marketing and New Member Onboarding
  • Microsite/Landing Page Design and Development

For more information about any of these services, or to view a copy of the Marketing Summit presentation, please contact us!