Moving Forward Together, Toward Tomorrow

Synergent representatives from all of our divisions – Technology Services, Payment Services, and Direct Marketing Services – were available to answer questions and to discuss the latest industry news at our tradeshow booth at the Maine Credit Union League’s 78th Annual Meeting and Convention in Portland. Over 800 attendees traversed the tradeshow floor, attended educational sessions, and networked at this highly-anticipated event.

Convention 2016 - Synergent Booth

Synergent greeted users at our tradeshow booth at the Maine Credit Union League’s 78th Annual Meeting and Convention. (l to r: Ashley Courington, Nick Chasse, Sandy Parker (of Symitar), and Josh Blier.)

“Today has been good,” stated Rebekah Higgins, Synergent Vice President of Payment Services, “We’ve seen a lot of visitors and heard a lot of good questions. A lot of credit unions are looking to the future and for things that they can implement. Some things I’d say they want immediately, other things are more strategic and long term. We’ve had the information they are looking for and are able to help.”

Nick Chasse, Vice President of Business Development, also spent the day at the Synergent booth. “There is a lot of interest to see what’s new and exciting, and how credit unions can better use Episys,” shared Chasse. “Account Close Workflow has been hot, Skip-A-Pay, ELA, EMA, Account Revision, just a lot of things to streamline processes and make tasks easier.”

The new Enhanced Skip-A-Pay Power-On was a much discussed topic of the day at the Synergent booth. “It takes what is a pretty manual, cumbersome, tedious process and puts it in one nice, neat, clean workflow with very few steps,” elaborated Chasse.

From Direct Marketing Services, Doug MacDonald stated that the day was “really about seeing the credit unions that we serve and connecting with everybody. We shared our case studies – nine case studies with seven credit unions with over $30 million in new lending.”

Visitors to the Synergent booth were very happy to interact with the partners they know and trust. “I visited the Synergent booth earlier this morning,” shared Alaina Daisey from Katahdin Federal Credit Union. “I’ll probably make the rounds again to say hi to everybody!” Alaina’s colleague Tina Jamo continued, “It’s been a great experience so far. The networking…they’ve all been excellent and Synergent is always a pleasure to visit.”   

Convention 2016 - Synergent

Nick Chasse provides a demonstration to a visitor at the Synergent booth.