Options are Not Optional: Tailoring Your Offerings to your Membership

Credit unions have built a wonderful reputation rooted firmly in a history of cooperative values and superior service. But what does customer service mean in today’s climate? In our ever changing financial services landscape, it isn’t enough to only provide good member service in the traditional sense of being helpful, friendly, and accessible. Providing your credit union members choices and the latest in financial tools is essential. If you are not offering your membership services they seek today, they will be able to locate them elsewhere tomorrow. Are you sure they know about all of the financial tools you are ready to provide them with and the multiple channels they are delivered through? 

Mobile vs.  Web vs. Branch: The dawn of Apple Pay and Android Pay

It was not so long ago that the thought of banking over the telephone seemed preposterous and online banking something out of a science fiction novel. Moving from those early automated days, to the advent and acceptance of online banking, to 2015, where mobile banking is commonplace. We are in the era of Apple Pay and look forward to the dawn of Android Pay.

Whether visiting the branch, connecting on a computer, or using a mobile device to access banking records or to apply for products, there are many venues to disseminate financial data through (safely and securely). While many of the same functions can be completed across multiple channels, it comes down to a matter of member preference which access channel they choose to use. It’s up to you to ensure each channel is offered, accessible, advertised to, and understood by your members. 

Online loan applications

The technology for online loan applications is already in place in the numerous systems that interface with the Episys® Core Processing Platform, such as Opening Act. Opening Act is a web-based portal that allows credit unions to accept applications in their branches, or members can apply for membership or loans on the web. Whether you have been a long-time Episys user or are new to the platform, Synergent Product Solutions Consultant Dana Guillereault uses explains how Episys integrates with best-of-breed solutions, such as Opening Act:  

Tell your members about all that your CU has to offer!

As we look towards fall and the holiday season, this is a great time to offer seasonal lending campaigns and holiday-themed promotions. Looking for inspiration? Synergent Direct Marketing Services can assist with everything from email banners to personalized postcards sent to targeted constituencies.  From seasonal auto loans to mortgage refinancing to cash back reward offers, a little marketing investment can have a significant return.