Over 150M Automated Processes Completed With OpCon

It is official: On February 8, 2019, Synergent reached a significant milestone by completing over 150 million automated processes through SMA Technologies’ OpCon. For credit unions, this represents over 150 million alerts, notifications, and jobs, such as goodnight processing, file transfers, and back office functions, or 99.5% automated operational delivery of all credit union processing requirements, 24/7/365. By completing these tasks through automation, millions of hours of work was saved and will continue being spared by this solution.

“As we continue to look for workplace efficiency opportunities, our investment in 2005 in the SMA OpCon automation solution continues to pay significant dividends in driving success through our operational delivery to all of our credit union clients, as well as internal staff,” stated Tim Gilman, Synergent’s Vice President of Information Systems. “This is a special time to celebrate our long term success with the milestone of over 150 million automated processes being completed since September 2005.”

What is “OpCon?”

OpCon is software that enables the enterprise-wide automation of processes. This can be in the form of routine tasks to more complex processes that were once manual. The benefits of digital automation include reduced costs, human error, and the need for IT troubleshooting.

“Core or not, if it can be automated, we’ll automate it,” shared Gilman.

OpCon can drive functions such as back office job scheduling (including end-of-day, -month, and -year reporting), tasks, scripts, FTPs, and disaster recovery. It works very well with modern banking applications, such as check processing, rewards programs, and fraud detection.

The Synergent/OpCon Story

In 2005, Gilman was a credit union pioneer when he identified the ability to use OpCon to automate credit union processes. It had never been done before, but he recognized its potential. By automating manual efforts, staff could save a significant amount of time and human error would be reduced. Systems would be automatically up and running to serve members 24/7/365.

The value and efficiencies gained were quickly recognized through the creative automation configurations that support the many needs of credit unions, along with complex product and service integrations. Today, over 60,000 automated jobs, tasks, scripts, and FTPs are run through OpCon at Synergent every single day. The software manages alerts, notifications, jobs, and workflow processes. OpCon now is routinely packaged and run with Symitar’s Episys® at hundreds of credit unions today.

The Synergent Difference

When discussing strategy in 2019, “automation” is often a buzzword, but at Synergent, our expert staff has been automating processes using OpCon for well over a decade. Our organization is proud to be an innovative managed services provider to credit unions, and we are thrilled to have assisted hundreds of credit unions in gaining efficiencies and reducing errors through automation. By integrating with third-party vendors, connecting best-of-breed products, and finding creative solutions, we provide peace of mind and the space to focus on what matters most: your members.