Partnering with Symitar for Service Through Technology

“Simplify for the member, improve the experience for the member,” recently stated Symitar CEO Ted Bilke in an interview with Credit Union Magazine. Using technology in order to provide the best service to members is what Synergent seeks to accomplish every day.

Partnering with Synergent means that credit unions are able to access the power of Symitar’s Episys Core Processor in a service bureau environment. Synergent is the #1 provider of outsourced core data processing in the northeast and has been a longtime partner with Symitar, who is the #1 credit union core processor in the nation.

Powerful. Flexible. Episys.

Episys goes beyond what is expected in a core processor to truly maximize the efficiencies that can be achieved by credit unions. With a user friendly interface and enterprise-wide automation, it provides standard operational features, such as application processing, deposit and loan account processing, general ledger, payroll, back-office functions, integrated budgeting, and flexible reporting options. Where it goes beyond is in the flexibility for credit unions to customize the platform with their unique needs. The efficiencies gained provide more time for staff to focus on strategic goals and member service.

Episys comes with 200 optional solutions that complement the standard functionality of the fast, feature-rich platform. By design, it integrates with third-party software, this ability to customize boosts efficiency. For example, Episys can be customized by the credit union to automate health savings accounts, to create their own incentive and rewards programs, and to customize their signature pad messages. There also is the Marketplace, where Episys users share custom-made solutions.

“By upgrading your core system to Episys, you can join the 680 credit unions that save money, make money, and successfully compete.”

Services First Through Evolving Technology

“I would tell you one of the biggest changes is everything digital,” shared Bilke. “We undertook a very large project a couple years ago related to a strategy of what we call “services first,’ which is the enablement of web services for all of the business logic and functions of the core system. And the objective there is really to support the elusive omni-channel, which goes beyond the traditional teller and call center through mobile, home banking, IVR, the new chat box and then overlaying that with artificial intelligence to make smarter decisions, predictive type decisions, anticipating what members might do next, and anticipating that and then taking action related to it.”

Beyond the core’s current features, Symitar is starting to develop the next generation interface for credit union staff use. With many branches opting to work with members in the new café or boutique stile, the traditional desktop format is being enhanced with responsive design across devices. Demonstrations have been given showing the ability of teller overrides and approvals through smartphones or even an Apple Watch. This forward-thinking development is typical of Symitar’s approach to provide the best member service by providing the latest technology to credit unions.

Keeping Up with Trends

Bilke elaborated that one of the biggest trends seen in the industry right now is the geographic expansion of credit unions. Some of the larger credit unions are being coined “super-regionals” and their rapid growth can be attributed to mergers, acquisitions, expansion strategy and that geographic boundaries have expanded to meet the demand of members.

Many credit unions are operating in multiple states, some even on a national level. An example of one of our partner credit unions that fits this criteria is the progressive Bayer Heritage FCU, which is headquartered in Proctor, WV, but has 10 locations in 5 states (Texas, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia).

Bayer Heritage FCU recently shared their story of partnership, remaining member focused while providing the latest technology through their partnership with Synergent. Having a strong partner that provides Symitar’s Episys Core Processing solution and the latest FinTech under one roof gives Bayer Heritage FCU more time to focus on staff and member service.

“Synergent, as any data core provider, it’s the nerve center. We can’t do a fraction of what we do unless we’ve got a good partner in that area,” stated Bob Burrow, CEO of Bayer Heritage FCU.

Choosing Synergent

Our track record of consistent member growth includes implementing new core footprints, the growth of our current core partners, and growth by merger. Our average core processing partnership agreement exceeds 9 years and we have 100% core processing client retention rate on the Episys platform.

When it comes to service, Synergent understands credit unions. Our staff is organized to work with your credit union to plan for and execute a successful conversion and implementation, train your staff on the use of Episys, provide day-to-day ongoing support, and work with you to define and deliver any special projects.