People Helping People: Hurricane Harvey Relief

With the devastation being caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and other parts of the southeast, Synergent, a subsidiary of the Maine Credit Union League, has launched our safe and secure online fundraising platform – CUAid. This is in partnership with the National Credit Union Foundation and 100% of all contributions go directly to helping those impacted by this epic disaster.

“In times of need, the credit union movement has always stepped up to help, and this is certainly one of those moments,” stated Todd Mason, President/CEO of Synergent. “Yesterday I reached out to my counterpart at the Cornerstone Credit Union League, Caroline Willard, offering assistance as she helps the affected credit unions in Texas.  Her comment back to me was ‘my goodness, I love this movement!’ because of its generosity and kindness.”

Synergent will be making a donation, but we also encourage you to make donations directly at The donations made will go directly to credit union staff and volunteers to help rebuild their lives, with any remainder funds distributed throughout affected communities. 100% of the donations made through CUAid go to credit union disaster relief. Corporate and individual contributions of any amount help immensely.

Whether it’s in our home state of Maine, across the country or the world, Synergent has a long tradition of helping others when disaster strikes. Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, the massive earthquake in Haiti, and major flooding in northern Maine are a few past events that Synergent has made disaster relief contributions to.

In addition to financial support, Synergent has already has been working with our partner credit unions in affected areas to mitigate the impact this disaster has had on their operations. From halting the mailing of statements to reversing fees to addressing ISP and other IT issues, disaster recovery efforts already are underway through our partnership. Synergent will continue to explore ways that we can help any affected credit unions with technical and operational support.