Planning Your 2021 Marketing Calendar

Are your marketing project lists piling up? Is your marketing budget stretched as far as it will go? Reduce stress and enjoy having more time to focus on your daily marketing responsibilities. Synergent has a solution!

Your calendar should be created with a focus on business goals and marketing objectives. It should be as detailed as you need it to be to stay on top of your projects. In approaching your marketing calendar, we recommend focusing on the following four areas:

1. Limit Your Marketing Objectives

Keep the number of marketing objectives you set achievable. On average, this can mean no more than five, which depending on what your objectives are, could be difficult to accomplish in a single year. Your objectives are not your products: your objectives are your goals! Do you want to increase your lending portfolio? Grow your membership? Increase product adoption? These are examples of objectives you may set.

2. Make Goals Specific and Measurable

Using the prior examples, by how much of a percentage do you want to increase your lending portfolio or membership total? How many products do you want to expand adoption of? Defining your goals with metrics allows you to tangibly see campaign success and your ROI.

3. Promote Your Most Profitable and Popular Products

Are contactless cards in high demand at your credit union? Are auto loans augmenting your bottom line? Focus on promoting the products and services generating the most buzz and profits.

4. Increase Product Penetration With Current Membership

It costs more to obtain new members than it does to increase product usage among your current members. Three or more products or timely services should be promoted to your loyal, established members each year through targeted campaigns.

Synergent Can Help

You don’t have to go it alone. Our expert, award-winning Marketing Services team provides consultative services that include helping credit unions map out their marketing plan for the year. Your plan can be as high-level or detailed as you would like! Every credit union’s needs are different.

We invite you to start by downloading our 2021 Marketing Calendar planning tool. Then, let’s chat about your strategy for 2021. Schedule your complimentary planning session today!

Download The 2021 Marketing Calendar Planning Tool