Reach Members On-the-Go with Synergent Tablet!

We are a mobile society. Bringing full-service credit union services out from behind the teller stand, on-the-go, can help credit unions connect with current members and cultivate new relationships.

Synergent is proud to announce that Synergent Tablet is now available! This new, innovative product enables credit union staff to conduct real-time member transactions anytime, anywhere, and without specialized training. Synergent Tablet takes many of the functions accessed at a traditional terminal and securely places the same access on a streamlined, portable tablet that connects directly to a credit union’s Symitar Episys core data.

“Synergent Tablet was designed to allow credit unions to engage members standing in the lobby or at a community event,” said Ben Jordan, Senior Vice President of Information Technology for Synergent. “This on-the-go approach frees staff from the teller line and the branch. We are confident this solution will lead to better member experiences.”

Synergent Tablet has an intuitive, modern interface that can capture membership and loan applications, perform transactions, and access member and account information on all accounts a member holds. It also was designed with security in mind. Data is not stored locally on Synergent Tablet, so there is no sensitive member data that can be accessed outside of the app. To use Synergent Tablet, staff must complete a multi-step authentication at login. Credit unions also can control when and where Synergent Tablet can be used, including in the event of loss or theft.

“This innovative tool provides credit unions the flexibility they need to meet their members wherever they are,” said Todd Mason, President/CEO of Synergent. “No other application or device can convert a prospect as efficiently or painlessly as Synergent Tablet. We are incredibly proud of this product and believe it will be a valuable resource for our credit unions.”

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Synergent Tablet is currently available for Synergent core processing clients. To learn more, please visit the Synergent Tablet page, or contact Account Executive Fred Barber at, or by calling (800) 341-0180, ext. 593.