P2P Payments

The world of payments is changing more rapidly than ever as a result of consumer demand and the evolution of technology and communication methods. Today’s consumers are using cash and checks less often and are using payment methods that are quick and provide little resistance.

The Importance of Ongoing Training

The most important asset your company possesses is its human capital. The staff that your credit union employs is the face of your organization, its voice over the phone, and its library of collective knowledge. Much like the Episys Core Processing Platform integrates with third-party vendors, your staff is your seamless integration component between your… Read more »

Core Migrations, Conversions, & Mergers

All member data lives on the core, and everything must connect to it. The core effectively operates as a credit union’s digital brain. Member contact information, personal identifying information, financial data, loans, accounts, preferences, history, interactions, notes, and so on, all are housed on the core, which impacts every task, process, employee, and member. Digital… Read more »

Digital Banking

“Digital banking” is an umbrella term for the processes, services, and transactions credit union members conduct online. This may be via online banking, accessed on a computer or tablet, or via mobile banking, which likely has an app for easy connectivity and usage. It also could encompass newer technologies, such as Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs)… Read more »

Business Intelligence

At the most basic level, ‘business intelligence’ can be defined as the tools, processes, and technology used to analyze data in order to make educated, informed business decisions. But, as we all know living in The Digital Age, when it comes to the maintenance and analysis of data, the complexity of these tasks is anything… Read more »

Contactless Payments

Contactless payments are the next evolution in the payments space. Cards have gone from only having a magnetic stripe, to adding an EMV chip, to this latest version with wireless capability to tap and go. Mobile wallets have evolved in that smartwatches and other wearable devices also allow for quick point-of-sale transactions, offering even more… Read more »