Symitar® Account Alerts

Symitar Account Alerts are a centralized, hosted alert management solution that allows a credit union to batch-enable and manage member alerts launched directly from the core. Enhance member service and build trust Reduce costs Improve operations

Symitar® Passcode

Symitar Passcode is a core-integrated solution that allows credit unions to send a one-time passcode to a member’s email or mobile number that is already on file at the credit union to verify identity.  Implement an additional layer of security Prevent fraud through additional verification Provide peace-of-mind to staff and members alike

Banno Video Chat and Screen Sharing

Video Chat and Screen Sharing are features available within the Banno Digital Banking Platform™ that give credit unions the ability to connect with members online face-to-face or share their screens to walk through processes step-by-step. Have in-depth conversations without requiring the member to visit the branch Connect one-on-one or with multiple users Quickly resolve complicated… Read more »

Banno Spanish

As a feature within the Banno Digital Banking Platform™, Banno Spanish gives credit unions the ability to provide members with a digital banking experience in Spanish. Deliver financial services in your member’s preferred language Build trust and confidence through digital banking Retain a loyal member base Create new membership opportunities

Banno Business

Banno Business is a digital banking interface designed for small-to-medium-sized businesses, though it can be scaled for businesses of all sizes. Credit unions are provided with valuable entitlements to provide this solution to their business members. Empower business members to provide access to others on their business team Mirror Banno retail accounts Allow members to… Read more »

Multichannel Notifications

Sending digital messages sounds simple, but credit unions do not always have access to a streamlined tool to send electronic notices to their members, prospects, dealers, select employer groups, and vendors. Postal notices have slower delivery times than eNotices and credit unions can’t send one-time eNotices to members and staff. Multichannel Notifications are a cost-effective… Read more »

Core Consulting and Business Continuity Planning

Core Consulting is a service that provides credit unions the opportunity to work with a subject matter expert to maximize their use of the Jack Henry™ Symitar® core. Business Continuity Planning helps credit unions prepare for an emergency before one happens. Credit unions can leverage these services together for the most comprehensive strategic planning. Maximize… Read more »

Gardiner FCU Digital Banking Case Study

Nothing is so constant as change. But even when carefully planned and orchestrated, change is hard. It requires collaboration across many departments, implementation, and clear communication with staff and members alike. Add in an unplanned but necessary change and the stress levels can rise even further. Gardiner FCU, headquartered in Gardiner, Maine, needed to update… Read more »

Core Consulting With Funded Consults

It is challenging for credit unions to maintain in-house Symitar expertise. Staff turnover, employees wearing many hats, the need for rich (but time-consuming) member interactions, and the ever-changing world of technology all make it difficult for staff to focus on the strategic challenges of growing a credit union. As an established, trusted partner, Synergent has… Read more »

Synergent Knows Symitar Core Conversions

Core conversions are complex. But sharing your Symitar core conversion with your members doesn’t have to be rocket science. Synergent is like no place else. We are the only service bureau that partners directly with Symitar to provide core processing, integrated products, and innovative services exclusively to credit unions.