Banno Video Chat and Screen Sharing

Video Chat and Screen Sharing are features available within the Banno Digital Banking Platform™ that give credit unions the ability to connect with members online face-to-face or share their screens to walk through processes step-by-step. Have in-depth conversations without requiring the member to visit the branch Connect one-on-one or with multiple users Quickly resolve complicated… Read more »

Banno Spanish

As a feature within the Banno Digital Banking Platform™, Banno Spanish gives credit unions the ability to provide members with a digital banking experience in Spanish. Deliver financial services in your member’s preferred language Build trust and confidence through digital banking Retain a loyal member base Create new membership opportunities

Banno Business

Banno Business is a digital banking interface designed for small-to-medium-sized businesses, though it can be scaled for businesses of all sizes. Credit unions are provided with valuable entitlements to provide this solution to their business members. Empower business members to provide access to others on their business team Mirror Banno retail accounts Allow members to… Read more »

Gardiner FCU Digital Banking Case Study

Nothing is so constant as change. But even when carefully planned and orchestrated, change is hard. It requires collaboration across many departments, implementation, and clear communication with staff and members alike. Add in an unplanned but necessary change and the stress levels can rise even further. Gardiner FCU, headquartered in Gardiner, Maine, needed to update… Read more »

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets allow members to make purchases using their smartphone, smartwatch, or other connected device without needing to use a physical card. Stay top-of-wallet by offering mobile wallet capability Meet increasing member demand for mobile wallet offerings Provide a touchless payments solution