3D Secure

Digital transactions have become commonplace. With most cardholders completing transactions online, implementing strong, effective tools to prevent fraud and unauthorized card use has never been more important. 3D Secure, offered through our partnership with Fiserv, is a risk-based authentication solution. This secure protocol connects digital merchants and financial institutions at the time of online checkout…. Read more »

Card Risk Office

Are you having a tough time staying up to date on the latest types of fraud that can impact your members? If so, you are not alone. Card Risk Office is designed to help protect credit unions and their members from fraud and the impacts of fraud. It centralizes risk management in one place while… Read more »

JHA PayCenter

Credit unions must remain competitive and agile in offering core-integrated, real-time payments solutions. Synergent has partnered with Jack Henry & Associates to provide JHA PayCenter, a payments hub that enables access to real-time payments. Member-facing solutions currently include Zelle and RTP Receive. In the future, as the faster payments space continues to evolve, additional services… Read more »

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets allow members to make purchases using their smartphone, smartwatch, or other connected device without needing to use a physical card. Stay top-of-wallet by offering mobile wallet capability Meet increasing member demand for mobile wallet offerings Provide a touchless payments solution