Member Rewards

Credit unions must find innovative ways to stand out from their competitors. Offering competitive member rewards programs is one way to quickly become your members’ primary financial institution. Incentive programs allow credit unions to establish and maintain positive relationships with their members, attract new members, and increase product usage—helping both the credit union and its… Read more »

Casco FCU Rewards Checking

Casco FCU, with over 8,500 members and $70 million in assets, wanted to offer members an impressive, branded, custom designed rewards platform. They had previously offered a rewards based account for many years through a third-party vendor. The program required manual transfers of files, and the credit union struggled with a process that resulted in… Read more »

Synergent Rewards

Members have many choices when selecting a financial institution. How do you make your credit union stand out from the rest while gaining Primary Financial Institution (PFI) and top of wallet status? Synergent Rewards is a turnkey, cost-effective solution that integrates directly with the Symitar Episys core processing platform. It rewards members for completing actions… Read more »