Shh! Listening is the Secret to Superior Member Service

listening.jpgToday, I had the opportunity to attend a service seminar led by the service guru Rick Olson. The topic of the day was Communicate! Communicate! Communicate! While Synergent staff participated in the training to learn how to enhance our communications internally, as well as to enhance our support with our credit union partners, there were many points that also apply to credit unions as they communicate with members each day, such as the importance of truly listening to members. Here are some great insights Rick shared on the importance of listening – and tips on how to become a top-notch listener!

• When in a trying situation, choose to listen instead of speaking in anger. Rick shared, “Speak when you’re angry and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret.”
• There are five levels of listening – ignoring, pretending, selective, attentive and empathetic. Choose empathetic every time!
• When trying to “sell” a member on a product, remember, “Your moth costs you money, your ears make you money!”
• Practice the 30/70 rule – talk 30% of the time, listen 70% of the time
• Remember – statements push – questions pull
• Think – are you really listening or just waiting to talk? You members can tell the difference
• Don’t try to be “autobiographical” and turn a member’s story into your own
• Practice the golden rule of communication – communicate to others as you would like to be communicated too!

I know that I am going to try to put these listening tips into action both at work and at home! By training CU staff to do the same, you may find happier and better understood members. Because really, everyone likes to be heard!

Diana Dionne
Communications & Marketing Specialist