Synergent Rewards CU Partners with $750,000 Rebate

For the tenth consecutive year, Synergent has provided a rebate to its credit union partners. Totaling $750,000, the rebates were approved by Synergent’s Board of Directors and Management Team as a way to express their thanks and appreciation.

“I once again want to emphasize that our ability to share our success with the credit unions that utilize our services is not done at the expense of how we serve credit unions,” stated John Murphy, Synergent President/CEO.

Synergent recognizes the numerous economic and business challenges that credit unions face. While credit unions are able to utilize the rebates as they wish, many are able to reinvest in products and services that directly benefit and impact members. Synergent also was able to invest in its operations while being able to provide this substantial reward to its credit union partners.

“Synergent’s annual budget [August 1, 2016 – July 31, 2017], which was approved by the Synergent Board last month, includes an additional $1.5 million investment in our various lines of business and three additional staff positions in Technology Services. In addition, there are no price increases included in our 2016-2017 budget,” explained Murphy.