Synergent Suite of Services

Marketing budgets are tight. Even in years that are pandemic-free, the marketing budget never seems to go quite far enough. Credit union marketers have to pick and choose initiatives to stay on budget.

What if you didn’t have to? What if there was a subscription set that included all the tools you need, freeing you from various budget constraints?

Now, there is. We are pleased to launch the Synergent Marketing Suite of Services. This unique subscription set unlocks the power of member data with automations to increase member engagement, product adoption, and utility. This perpetual, self-funding Suite of Services is designed to deliver results and ROI.

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“Credit unions are cooperative by principle and so are we,” shared Doug MacDonald, Vice President of Synergent Marketing Services. “Our goal is to make the job of credit union marketers easier, to help them best communicate relevant offers to the right members at the right time. Sometimes this means personalizations, automations and growth engines, and increasingly in concert, for resonance, efficiencies, and effectiveness. This adds value to the member experience, but also helps credit unions grow, increase ROI and drive results.”

What’s Included

The subscription covers the following cornerstones of member marketing, opportunity, and engagement:

  • Transactional Data Mining: By tapping into member data and analyzing it, it is possible to precisely target specific segments with marketing messages. In narrowing the target list in each marketing campaign, you reach members most likely to be interested and engaged in promotional activities, effectively saving marketing dollars, and increasing return on marketing investment.
  • Member Email Automation: Email marketing remains a leading way to engage members. Synergent’s Email Marketing Platform integrates with your core to enable transactional email automations sculpted by your goals and objectives. Mobile responsive design is essential and all of Synergent’s custom graphic designs have a clean, modern appearance, whether the email is viewed on a traditional computer screen, or more prevalently, on a mobile device.
  • New Member Onboarding: The best chance of cross-selling an additional product or service to a new member is highest within their first 90-120 days of membership. Onboarding, a targeted campaign during which new members receive tailored, omni-channel communication, is proven to increase member retention and aids in a feeling of member connectedness.

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