Synergent Thanks Its Credit Union Partners with Rebate

For the 16th consecutive year, Synergent has provided a rebate to its credit union partners. Totaling $750,000, the rebates were approved by Synergent’s Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team as a way to express their thanks and appreciation.

“Synergent has always treated its credit unions like partners,” said Todd Mason, Synergent’s President and CEO. “When they have a good year, we have a good year. Fortunately, for the past 16 years Synergent has been in a position to provide credit unions a bonus to acknowledge our shared success.”

Synergent recognizes the numerous economic and business challenges that credit unions and their members currently face. While credit unions can utilize the rebates as they wish, many are able to reinvest in products and services that directly benefit and impact their members. Synergent has continued to invest in its own operations while providing this substantial rebate to its credit union partners.