Synergent Year In Review: 2021

Because of you, our credit union partners, Synergent celebrated 50 years of serving credit unions in 2021. We have evolved over the decades alongside changes in the core processing, marketing, payments, and technology spaces. From our start serving only Maine credit unions, we have grown to where we are today serving credit unions coast-to-coast, across the country. We are proud to be part of recent financial innovations and the vibrant credit union movement, thankful for the partnerships we share, and we look forward to the next 50 years.

Here are some of the things we are proud to have accomplished in 2021.

  • Synergent celebrated 50 years of serving credit unions!
  • Focused concentration on the payments and technology intersection to ensure credit unions have access to in-demand products, services, and ingenious concepts.
  • Core consulting was launched to help credit unions get the most out of their core processing investment.
  • A new agreement was signed with Jack Henry & Associates for JHA PayCenter.

Facing Each New Year With Innovations

With the COVID-19 pandemic extending into 2021, credit unions had to continue to stay agile and adjust their operations by following the evolving guidelines as they were released. Synergent has been there to help every step of the way.

At a time when in-person meetings still were not an option, Synergent introduced hosted virtual annual meetings as a solution that allowed many credit unions to conduct their annual meetings without interruption and with less stress. Synergent also provided additional web-based educational opportunities, including a payments-focused webinar series and quarterly roadmap updates. The annual Connect User Conference also was held virtually, but for the first time as a multi-day event. This virtual meeting spanned five days from the last week of September into the first week of October.

The intersection of payments and technology was a major focus this year. As the world found new ways of doing business, the upward trajectory already in motion for digital banking, digital wallets, digital issuance, card controls, and rewards loyalty programs rapidly accelerated in alignment with member demand. With partner product integrations already in place with major industry players such as Alkami, Access Softek, Banno, Fiserv, and JHA, Synergent took an even deeper dive into this space to ensure credit unions have access to these in-demand products and services. In addition, Synergent’s payment and fraud consulting services provided expertise and guidance to credit unions in this rapidly evolving marketplace.

Core Consulting

Synergent also launched core consulting this year to help credit unions get the most out of their core processing investment. During 2021, five new or renewal core agreements were also signed. With the power of partnership continuing to drive us, Synergent signed a new agreement with Jack Henry & Associates for JHA PayCenter, providing a streamlined solution for sending and receiving near real-time payments.

Marketing Services

Marketing Services helped credit unions tie it all together in communicating with their members, offering expertise in the evolving MarTech landscape. The award-winning team provided member marketing strategies in the areas of vehicle lending, debt assistance, digital banking, and home lending. We also worked to reinforce the importance of leveraging member data to improve marketing automation and return on investment.

Reaching members through digital channels and touchpoints became even more essential. This year yielded a record eight Marketing Association of Credit Union Award wins, as well as a CUNA Diamond Award that received the distinction of Category’s Best for Membership Marketing.

Synergent Is Here To Help, No Matter What Comes.

Nothing is so constant as change. Through ups and downs, changing landscapes, and advances that streamline operations and improve the member experience, Synergent is always here to help. We wish you a very happy new year!