Tech Still Tops CU Priorities

With the many cogs needed to keep the credit union machine running, technology is increasingly the focus when it comes to engineering CU operations.  According to a recent CUNA Strategic Services Technology Survey, technology is the second-biggest budget item for credit unions, just after employee salaries.

The survey also provided evidence why outsourcing information technology is an increasing trend, as more than 85% of respondents indicated they outsource some or all of their IT to a vendor partner.  The following statistics indicate why a strong technology partner is extremely important to a credit union’s success.

  • 20% of credit unions do not have enough skilled staff to support the organization’s technology functions and needs.
  • 25% of credit unions do not provide sufficient technology training for their staff;
  • About 10% have only basic systems in place to meet immediate credit union needs;
  • Three-quarters of credit unions indicate they make effective use of technology to support members.
  • Over 25% recognize that technology is an investment in their mission, and executive leadership integrates technology decisions with organizational strategy.


A strong investment in technology starts with a strong team.  Watch this PROTips video to see how Synergent builds a core team that helps credit unions reach their tech potential.