The 5 W’s of Onboarding

Onboarding is proven to increase member retention and aids in a feeling of connectedness to your credit union. With growth and member satisfaction top priorities for credit unions, onboarding is the most valuable way to reach out to new members and ensure they’re informed of your credit union’s offerings while fostering their credit union experience. 

Who receives onboarding communication?

  • Onboarding is a targeted, 90-120 day campaign
  • New members receive tailored communications (phone calls, emails, direct mail, and/or social media) during onboarding
  • Welcome new members and educate about products and services offered

What is the Value of Onboarding

  • Improved member retention
  • Decreased member churn,
  • Increased cross-selling success
  • Greater product penetration
  • Members feel more closely connected to the credit union
  • Proven results for significant ROI
  • Customized, personalized communication with your newest members  

When is the best time to communicate through onboarding?

  • Onboarding begins as soon as a member joins your credit union
  • Your best chance of cross-selling an additional product or service to a new member is highest within their first 90-120 days of membership  

Where does onboarding draw from?

  • Successful onboarding campaigns follow a formula: uniform branding, creativity, and data mining to target the appropriate audience
  • Analyzing the transactional information, including ACH data, allows for your new members to receive personalized communications from your credit union highlighting only the products of likely relevance to them  

Why Synergent?

  • Turnkey member data mining
  • Results that report ROI
  • Simplified startup
  • Credit union customization
  • Personalized member solutions 


“Results are both trackable and measurable, with comprehensive reporting to help you realize and quantify return on investment. The value of retaining a member over their lifetime cannot be overstated,” stated Doug MacDonald, Vice President of Synergent Direct Marketing Services. “Onboarding supports new member growth, increasing product and service adoption, driving additional deposit accounts, and creating new loan opportunities per member.” 

Want to learn more about implementing an onboarding strategy at your credit union? Email to schedule a time for a personalized webinar and discovery session.