Tis the season: Credit card income

Now is the perfect time to boost year-end goals and increase credit card income with targeted direct marketing campaigns. Synergent ia helping credit unions exceed goals by leveraging member data to identify members and prospects looking for credit products like debt consolidation, balance transfers, and new cards. Preview seasonal creative strategies for the coming season in promoting cards.

Synergent works with credit unions to achieve significant growth in card income, implementing highly targeted marketing campaigns to reach and activate audiences— from a balance transfer for a member with relationships with other financial institutions, to a new card for current members, or a debt consolidation loan for a member overwhelmed by high interest rates.

In a recent case study with Otis Federal Credit Union in Maine, a targeted VISA campaign resulted in overwhelming success with credit card income. They saw a total of $168,099 in new original balances after sending two postcards combined with statement insert messaging to maximize connections. Roland Poirier, President/CEO of Otis FCU said they implemented direct mailing after hearing positive feedback from other credit unions.