Top 7 Credit Union Marketing Tips for 2023 

With 2022 now in the rearview, there’s so much to reflect on in terms of digging into the data and credit union feedback that we’ve received from across the country. Using this information, we’ve compiled our annual list of takeaways to put into action for 2023 marketing initiatives.     

1. Reboard Your Existing Credit Union Members

You know about onboarding as the way you welcome and inform new members about the products and services your credit union offers. Reboarding is similar, but instead, it is an educational campaign that targets your existing members to ensure they know about available products and services that they may not be aware of or do not use currently. Checking penetration, card penetration/usage, direct deposit, and digital services may be a few areas to focus on in a reboarding campaign.

2. Communicate Your Digital Banking Offerings to Members

Digital banking is always evolving and includes processes, services, and transactions that your members conduct online. Mobile payments, mobile apps, Remote Deposit Capture, e-statements, Bill Pay, digital wallets, new member applications, lending, account transfers, and personal finance management are a few offerings that you can build marketing campaigns around to raise member awareness and grow product adoption.  

3. Reward Your Members

Offering competitive member rewards is a great incentive to ensure your credit union is your members’ primary financial institution. It can help with both acquisition of new members and retention of existing members while increasing credit and debit card usage and fostering a feeling of connection. Regardless of the rewards solution you offer, Synergent Marketing Services can help communicate the benefits of your rewards program to your members. 

4. Educate About The Latest Payments Solutions

Your payments offerings continue to quickly evolve. Whether it is integrated card services, Faster Payments (including Zelle®, PayCenter, and RTP), MoneyPass, CardHub, or other offerings that are simply new to your credit union, ensure your members are up to date on the latest and greatest payments solutions with a targeted marketing campaign.  

5. Automate Your Processes

Automation saves time and reduces errors. Driving emails out of core and into an email platform is complex. Want to reduce or even eliminate potential errors and create 24/7 reliability? Need to append lists without errors, duplications, or bad “overwrites”? Synergent knows how to get timely emails to the right members, at the right time, at the right place via automation in today’s marketing world. Automation also can be done for onboarding, reboarding, and ACH recapture campaigns. 

6. Leverage Your Data

You already possess valuable data that you can use to reach your members in a personal, relevant way. Transactional Data Mining (TDM) goes hand-in-hand with targeted marketing. By narrowing your target list for your marketing campaign, you reach the members most likely to be interested in the promotion your credit union is advertising. This saves your credit union time and marketing dollars, and increases your return on marketing investment 

7. Complete a Consultation, Set Your Marketing Strategy

Synergent offers core, marketing, and payment and fraud consulting. Within each of these specialty areas are expert team members dedicated to helping credit unions maximize efficiencies, set strategies, and identify products and services to help your credit union meet and exceed member expectations. 

Get Started 

2023 is here. Get excited and get started on your next member marketing campaign! We invite you to review our Portfolio, filled with award-winning campaigns created by our Marketing Services team. Jot down your ideas, then let’s chat about your next campaign. Contact us at