Turning Data Into Great Creative

Over the past 5 years, the ability to access and analyze data has been a game-changer in targeting credit union members with products of most relevance through data mining. Synergent’s talented Creative Services team works on transforming data into great creative every day to effectively communicate with members. 

Creative Director Jane Monaghan and Graphic Designers Mike Rosmus, Susan Gross, and Deb Dawson shared their insights as to how they convert data into creative and profitable marketing campaigns for credit unions. Blending data with creative details is Synergent’s recipe in creating successful campaigns. 

What Data Can Do For You

Data provides the team with a picture of who the target audience is. For example, age, where a person lives, if they’ve paid off their car loan…the parameters selected help define the target audience and assists in creating appropriate images and designs. 

The more data the team has, the easier it actually is for them to come up with the visual. The target audience can be personalized and targeted with themes or infographics, and data-driven campaigns can have multiple phases. 

Inspiring Process

The process starts with research, discovery, and a brainstorming meeting directly with each credit union. Ideas start with sketches, and while data tells part of the story, there also are critical insights gleaned from the credit union directly. 

Defining a campaign includes asking a lot of questions. What is the goal? What type of campaign? Who is the target audience? Are there incentives? Once these are determined, design begins. The design team tries to strike a balance between data, business objectives, the credit union’s brand, and the members being communicated to in creating credit union communications pieces. 

In addition to creating campaigns, Synergent’s designers stay up-to-date on current creative design and figure out how to differentiate campaigns from the competition through market research.


There are so many ways to make a campaign personal and “making it personal” increases the return on investment. No matter the budget, a campaign can be tailored to fit a credit union’s needs with data allowing personalization in ways that were not possible in the past. Messaging can be altered across multiple subsets within the same campaign. Every campaign is tailored and unique; no two are the same.

Using data, graphics can be very detailed. For example, a recent campaign included a graphic that changed for each member based on the actions they had completed at their credit union. The campaign incorporated a similar graphic, but with 17 different variables! 

Data Mining

Data-driven marketing works, especially when using effective data. Design can be enhanced by data. Whether seeking to grow membership, increase a loan portfolio, or inform members of new offerings, good data provides good direction. It enables Synergent’s Direct Marketing Services team to know who the audience is while creating appropriate imagery most relevant to members’ lives with a propensity to drive action. The more data, the better!

Case Studies

Case studies highlight Synergent’s creative designs alongside campaign results. Check out our Resource Library or contact Synergent’s Direct Marketing Service Representatives at to further discuss member-data driven campaigns.