Webinar Coverage: Episys Enhancements in Action

In January 16’s webinar, Episys 2013.01 Release Enhancements, Aimee Doherty, Implementation & Training Analyst for Synergent (pictured left), shared how these new enhancements mean additional functionality to the Episys core.  “The additions to the system creates new efficiencies, updates to ever changing regulations, and the introduction to new functionality that will be coming in a future release,” Doherty said.

She added that Synergent helps our credit unions prepare for these Episys releases by testing all new functionality that is within the upgrade and then preparing release note highlights that truly outlines the areas that our credit unions should focus on.

Here are some of the enhancements highlighted in today’s session:

  • IRS Reporting Change
  • NACHA Rule Change
  • Experian Update
  • Metro 2 Credit Reporting Update
  • Payoff Balance Enhancement, Part A
  • PCI PA-DSS Passwords
  • PIN vs. Signature Holds
  • Terminology Change from RepGen to PowerOn
  • Enhancements to assist with Reg Z
    • Reg Z Credit Insurance Posting
    • Reg Z Fees Total Year to Date

Due to the detailed nature of these enhancements, Synergent takes an interactive approach to the training. “The release webinars provide information via a power point presentation and live Episys demonstration.  Each topic within the release note highlights is reviewed and the credit unions are able to see if the enhancement requires action on their part, Synergent’s assistance to implement, or no action is required,” Doherty said.

Visit Synergent’s Learning Center for a complete list of upcoming trainings.