Welcome to the Nerve Center

“Synergent, as any data core provider, it’s the nerve center. We can’t do a fraction of what we do unless we’ve got a good partner in that area. So far, I must say that I am extremely pleased…” Bob Burrow, President/CEO, Bayer Heritage FCU

Welcome to the Synergent nerve center, the Westbrook Data Center.  Join Technology Services Vice President Ben Jordan and Executive Vice President Gary Glenn on a tour to see where our main products and services are offered, including Symitar’s Episys Core Processing Platform, our archival and home banking systems, and all of our integrations.

Having a close working relationship with Symitar has enabled Synergent  to become “The Data Center of the East.” Servicing credit unions of all sizes, Synergent leads core conversions.

“We work hard for each one of our credit unions to make sure they can offer their products and services. Whether it’s a small credit union or a large credit union, we want them all to be able to compete,” states Glenn.

Taking Stock

Thinking about completing a core conversion? When selecting a new core provider, consider the following:

  • What products are you using today?
  • How can you use these products to grow?
  • What do you want in your base of services to be rolled out in the future?

Our team of experts, which includes project managers, programmers, and support personnel, are all on staff to help credit unions define their needs and to help them provide the best service to members. With a culture of service, Synergent is the right call to make.

“We invite you to come visit the Data Center at Synergent and see what we can do for your credit union,” concludes Jordan.