Core Integration & Innovation Through Partnership

When completing everyday tasks such as updating your schedule, checking your email, shopping, or conducting mobile banking, do you think about the technology that allows you to complete these tasks? Don’t feel guilty if the answer is “no.” We expect to be able to easily get done all of the things on our to-do lists, often from our mobile device. It wasn’t all that long ago that this technology was new, yet now we can’t imagine our lives without it.

Take the same thoughts and apply them to core processing. Do your members think about how their account information is available with a quick click on their mobile banking app? Do they know that mobile deposit capture connects to core data in order to complete their transaction? No, but they expect to be able to conduct their business with ease. The core is the source for your credit union’s products and services to integrate with additional apps and services, with the member receiving what they expect: an easy digital user experience.

Core processing technology is the nerve center for your credit union and how it is able to leverage the latest technology. It isn’t enough to simply be up-to-date, it is essential to respond to market trends quickly by offering the latest products – all alongside the signature credit union service standards that are a hallmark of the industry.

Credit unions also walk a fine line in ensuring the user experience evolves, but remains consistent. Keeping common design elements by developing an Enterprise Services Framework ensures that new products and services can be snapped in to the offerings available to your members with minimal interface disruption and intuitive design elements.

Innovation and integration with the core doesn’t just happen, it occurs through strong partnerships to help credit unions stay ahead of the curve. Synergent and Symitar share a very strong partnership to best serve credit unions and their members. Last week, Symitar’s CEO Ted Bilke visited Synergent’s headquarters along with members of the Symitar team. They spent time continuing to learn from each other and developing new strategies and ideas to continue to advance credit unions on the Episys Core Processor.

“The core systems that focus on ease of integration with third-parties and a better user experience stand to gain the most traction,” recently shared Ted Bilke, President of Symitar. “Anticipate analytic offerings to provide new and valued services.”

“My vision is to help credit unions be at the right place, at the right time, with the right services, wherever member financial decisions are made,” stated Synergent’s new President and CEO, Todd Mason. “As a result, my focus will be on the delivery of innovative technologies to help credit unions serve their members.”