Whitepaper Shares Key Conversion Communications

To help credit unions best prepare themselves and their membership for a core system conversion, Synergent has recently released a whitepaper which examines the conversion process through two key lenses: employees and members. The paper features advice from credit unions who have recently undergone a successful conversion.  

Speaking from Experience:  For example, when it comes to employees, Mary Carrozza, Operations Manager with Mass Bay Credit Union in Boston, Massachusetts, advised that starting the communications process early can make for a much smoother conversion later on. “Employees should be in the loop from the very beginning. If they know a conversion is coming they can provide valuable insight into what should be a priority in the new system,” she said.

More tips for employee communications!

  • Provide as much information as early as possible
  • Take time to listen to the questions, comments and concerns of your employees
  • Be prepared to help some employees get out of their comfort zones to learn new ways of doing things
  • Ensure employees know what is expected of them in this time of change
  • Don’t assume everything: be ready learn from the experience and questions of others


Similarly, when it comes to member communications, focusing on the positive can make a big difference for all involved. “Members love to hear how we are going to make things better for them!” Samantha Noyes, Vice President of Member Services and Operations for Oxford FCU, said.  “Focusing on faster, more convenient services along with additional security features in a positive, upbeat manner helps to get their buy-in for the change. The more excited we get about changes, the more receptive our members are to them.”

More tips for member communications!

  • Communicate the change in succinct language that focuses on the benefits to the member
  • Think outside the box and look for unusual ways to inform members about the coming change
  • Don’t overwhelm members with jargon-laden language or technicalities
  • Think ahead, anticipate possible hitches in the conversion process and have a plan in place to best inform members


Click here to request the full whitepaper, Change Happens: Navigating Successful Credit Union Data Conversions.