Wycom WyChecks Deluxe

Checks remain a popular instrument for both consumer and business members alike. Credit unions who partner with Synergent can now access Wycom WyChecks Deluxe as a fully hosted solution that provides a simple, secure way for credit unions to sign, print, and archive checks. This hosted solution is an update to the Wycom WyChecks offering we provided previously.

“Credit unions need powerful and efficient tools to manage their check printing,” shared Amy Keaten, Product Owner – Technology for Synergent. “Wycom WyChecks Deluxe helps automate all the necessary features to take on the burden of signing, printing, and archiving.”

How It Works

Powered for the highest-volume environments, it’s a simple and secure way to disburse checks from a single location on your network. Whether you wish to automate signing or choose to print full MICR checks on demand, Wycom WyChecks Deluxe provides credit unions with all of the necessary check printing and archiving elements they need:

  • Multiple network printer support
  • Password-restricted browser-based administrator panel for easy, efficient
  • Ability to create and archive nonnegotiable PDF check images for storage and
  • Secure forgery-resistant check amount graphics
  • Ability to automatically suppress signatures at pre-designated amounts
  • Printing on blank secure check stock for increased security and cost savings
  • Unlimited printer licenses

With Synergent hosting the solution for credit unions, our team handles installation, updates, and programming changes.

Key Benefits

Check Archiving in Synergy: Wycom WyChecks Deluxe automatically archives copies of checks into Synergy for quick and easy retrieval. Credit unions will be able to view images of any checks they print the same day, rather than waiting for checks to clear.

Greater Efficiency: Wycom WyChecks Deluxe allows for automated signing of your pre-printed checks, or you can even eliminate pre-printed checks! Opt to laser print your checks using secure blank check stock. No more check stock control issues or incorrect check numbers. Logo, address, or account number changes can be made easily without having to order new check stock.

Simple Setup: Since Wycom WyChecks Deluxe is software-independent and preprogrammed by Wycom, there’s no downtime to get started and no time spent learning applications. Connect it to your network, assign login access to authorized users, and you’re ready to go! Have access to unlimited check printers as you grow!

Hosted Solution: Synergent’s hosting service includes performing all release processing and assuming disaster recovery responsibilities.

Tremendous Security: Wycom WyChecks Deluxe securely stores valuable signatures, logos, check overlays, and user accounts within the Wycom WyChecks Deluxe software—not on your system. The browser-based login is password-protected, and you can give administrators, supervisors, and users different levels of access.

Fraud Protection: Advanced fraud-protection features include forgery-resistant custom graphics for dollar prefixes and amounts, the ability to suppress signatures at specified thresholds, and signature background protection.

Multiple Printer Support: Wycom WyChecks Deluxe offers unlimited printer licenses. Adding a branch? Just add your printer to the system and you are ready to go!

MeridianLink Check Disbursement: Wycom WyChecks Deluxe has an additional module to connect MeridianLink programming to any current Wycom solution. This connection can allow for checks to be disbursed directly out of LoansPQ using blank secure check stock with MICR toner in your printer. If you continue to use pre-printed checks, Wycom is ready to help upgrade your installation to full MICR check printing for both Episys and MeridianLink checks.

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