No matter the industry, the Great Supply Chain Disruption is wreaking havoc around the globe and is predicted to persist into 2022. Whether it is empty shelves at the grocery store, barren auto dealership lots due to computer chip shortages, or delays ordering household appliances, it seems every corner of our lives, personally and professionally, has been impacted by supply chain challenges.    

While we benefit significantly in our cooperative credit union industry because we routinely help one another, we are not immune from what is happening in the market. To overcome these challenges, we need to take a proactive approach knowing that even a small disruption can have a significant ripple-effect in impacting the supply chain.    

At Synergent, we often talk about the power of partnership. During this supply chain crisis, the relationships that we have established with vendors, as well as the economies of scale that we gain by working with so many credit unions, provide us with the ability, leverage, and collective bargaining strength to source needed materials. We are working hard to secure the resources needed to weather the storm, no matter how long it lasts.  

Credit unions who partner with Synergent gain greater collective bargaining power, so when challenges develop, we cooperate and work together to advocate for and identify solutions. These are extremely challenging times, and we will assist credit unions in insulating disruptions to the greatest extent possible.  

“We want to do everything we possibly can to lessen potential supply chain impacts for our credit unions,” explained Mallory Farrell, Assistant Vice President of Operations for Synergent. “We are planning ahead and placing contingencies wherever possible and encourage credit unions to do the same.”  

As collaborators and partners, we also need your help. Please be proactive in monitoring your supplies. Place orders earlier than usual and know that supply chain challenges affect almost all material goods.  

“Keep an eye on your plastics inventory,” urged Rebekah Higgins, Payment & Fraud Consultant for Synergent. “We have been made aware that plastics can be delayed for a myriad of reasons, so it is important that orders be made well in advance of when stock is needed. This will help prevent any unforeseen delays, such as shipping, for example.”   

Rest assured, we will get through these challenges, together. If you have any questions or concerns in the future, please contact your Account Relationship Manager, or email