Synergent is always working to make process improvements that streamline the customer experience. Operationally, we have completely automated the process of completing Custom Solutions Request (CSR) forms so it becomes part of your My Synergent record instantly. This is a value add for both our team and yours in terms of time savings. Some aspects of the CSR form that you’ll receive moving forward do look different, including its appearance and the language included in the cancellation agreement.

New Year, New Look

As we head into 2021, when credit unions complete a CSR, they will immediately notice a new look and feel compared to past versions. No matter what your custom development request is, the summary documentation will now appear uniformly. Below is a template of what you can expect to see:

Once you have reviewed and completed the CSR via DocuSign, a signed copy will automatically be saved to your My Synergent record.

Cancellation Agreement

In addition to the unification of the CSR appearance and delivery, you will also notice an update to our cancellation agreement which reads:

By signing below, the Credit Union acknowledges that the terms and conditions of the Agreement apply to this CSR, it authorizes Synergent to begin work on the CSR and agrees to pay the fees and charges set forth above. Custom Programs and Add-On modules that are canceled after the date of this CSR are subject to a cancellation fee of 100% of all one-time fees and all third-party fees Synergent has incurred. This could include, but not be limited to, programming hours, training, and third-party fees.


If you have any questions about these updates, please contact your Account Relationship Manager, or email