Each month, your members need to receive statements. Whether they opt for traditional paper statements or digital, Synergent is here to help. Our team processes, prints, and mails statements on behalf of credit unions nationwide.

Statements can be an opportunity to communicate with your members in a personal way. In addition to providing traditional statement services, we also offer Enhanced Statements.

Learn More About Statements

What are Enhanced Statements?

Enhanced Statements are customized monthly member statements that can leverage multiple target groups for variable marketing messaging. They integrate statement processing and member data to deliver targeted messaging to credit union members.

For credit unions who access the Jack Henry™ Symitar® core through Synergent, this integration is a seamless process.

This program is completely customizable and uses a logic-based system to target up to three groups. With selected parameters, promotional messaging can be customized on the printed or digital statement and further segmented to select target audiences.

Key Benefits

  • Improve Communications – Adding messages of interest to members increases statement value to members.
  • Drive Revenue Growth – By communicating relevant offers to targeted members, you can drive growth in multiple areas, such as lending, deposits, and product adoption.
  • Freedom and Flexibility – You can opt to stick with traditional statements for some months and have a targeted, enhanced campaign periodically.
  • Segment Messaging – Maximize member communication by sending multiple promotions to multiple groups.