Check Processing

Your consumer and business members both rely on the convenience of checks but seek modern convenience in using this vehicle to move funds. As their credit union, you want to be sure to provide timely, accurate check processing services.  

Synergent is here to help. Our seasoned team of check processing professionals ensures check deposits, clearing, and exceptions are processed on time to meet Federal Reserve Bank and Electronic Check Clearing House Organization (ECCHO) deadlines, and follows regulations established by both. We complete check data entry, verification, and electronic check conversion (ECC). 


Deposits, clearing, and exceptions are all handled in-house by Synergent’s check processing team. Products and services include: 

  • Inclearing  
  • Electronic Check Processing 
  • Branch Item Capture 
  • ATM Capture 
  • Home Capture 
  • Merchant Capture 
  • Mobile Capture 
  • Research 


From day one, Synergent handles all onboarding of new member credit unions. When new products and services are released, the team deploys them to existing credit union partners. Internal upgrades and software updates over time never need to be a worry, as that also is managed by Synergent. 

Ongoing technical support is always just a phone call, email, or ticket away. The customer service team provides support for check processing members and renders any account adjustments as needed.  

eDesk Vantage

Synergent’s convenient eDesk Vantage service enables credit unions to retrieve member draft images via the Internet, utilizing the Vsoft eDesk suite of products (Branch Item Capture, Research, Archive, and Returns modules). With Synergent’s vast experience with VSoft’s image capture product, credit unions can participate in and benefit from imaging and exchange capabilities that would have been beyond their means as standalone financial institutions. 

Remote Deposit Capture

Mobile (mRDC)

Members are on-the-go. In the mobile and increasingly touchless world we live in, members want options that allow them to conduct an instant mobile check deposit without ever entering a branch. 

Mobile check deposits allow members to easily deposit checks remotely using their smartphones. They simply take a photo of the check they wish to deposit, then use the mobile check deposit option in their banking app to make the deposit in real-time. The mobile check deposit option can increase mobile banking adoption, accelerate fund availability, and mitigate risk.  

Business (bRDC)

For businesses, every minute counts during the workday. Processing checks does not have to require a trip to the branch, saving time for both the business and the credit union.  

Business remote deposit capture allows businesses to easily deposit checks remotely using their choice of multiple devices: high-speed scanner with a mobile app, tablet, or desktop. As an omni-channel platform, users can start with one device, then move to another to pick up where they left off! 

Check Fraud Assist

Fraud can come from any number of financial transaction types. To prevent check fraud, Synergent teamed up with Verafin to develop a process that allows check images to be visible within Verafin. This results in faster, more efficient fraud detection, streamlined fraud investigations, and improved analytics.  

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