Integrated Card Services

Your members simply want the credit and debit card solutions they need, when they need them. As a credit union, you know a robust, integrated card services program is comprised of many moving parts.  

Simplify with Synergent. Credit unions partner with Synergent for integrated credit and debit card services provided through a single source. We work directly with Fiserv and other top vendors in the payments space to provide credit unions with the solutions they need to remain competitive and meet member demand.

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Complete Debit & Credit Card Solutions

Provide your members the convenient debit and credit card services they need and give your staff the tools and resources they need to make your card programs thrive. Synergent powers solutions that fit the needs of credit unions of any member or asset size, designed to fuel growth and increase retention by providing a seamless member experience. 

Your credit union is why we’re here. Our expert team is here to support your credit union’s credit card program by ensuring your members have all the features and benefits they need, administered by your staff through an accessible platform. Our full-service offerings include: 

  • Plastics
  • Instant Issuance
  • Credit and Debit Card Processing
  • Risk Management
  • Rewards Programs
  • Real-Time Account Information
  • Digital Banking Integration
  • Digital and Print Statements
  • Member Mailers & Marketing Resources
  • Synergent Payments Consulting

Tools of the Trade

Credit unions who partner with Synergent access the latest, most effective card program tools through a shared cost structure that helps credit unions of all sizes remain agile and competitive. These tools include: 

Client Workstation Internet (CWSi)

This user-friendly data management tool enables your credit union to manage member card data easily, conveniently, and economically. CWSi also connects with numerous tools that assist credit unions in mitigating fraud, including a suite of real-time risk management tools, executive data dashboards, ATM fleet monitoring, trainingreference materials, and reporting repository.


Synergent offers a variety of rewards solutions to fit a variety of needs. Synergent Rewards, uChoose Rewards, and Scorecard Rewards are a few of our recommended solutions. Learn more about our Rewards solutions by visiting the Member Rewards page. 

Instant Issuance

With instant issuance, credit unions can quickly provide members with embossed or flat panel debit cards in the branch. This secure option for card-issuing is easy for employees to operate and is EMV capable. 

Coming soon: Digital issuance, which will allow credit unions to provide members a digital card that can be added to a mobile wallet instantly, without the need for a plastic!

Card Expert

Card Expert is an on-demand business intelligence platform that delivers performance insights compiled from credit and debit card portfolio activity. Designed as a suite of dashboards, credit unions are able to analyze, visualize, and share actionable data balanced against industry metrics, including Visa and Mastercard. In addition to dashboards that assess the overall card portfolio, revenue, spending trends, account activity, delinquency and loss, digital wallet usage, and much more, the new ATM and uChoose Rewards dashboards provide even more data-driven insights.


Members want to manage their cards on their terms. Whether it is obtaining a new or replacement card, managing cards on-the-go, receiving communications about offers or alerts, accessing digital wallets, or simply tracking how and where they are using various cards, CardHub empowers members to do it all from a single app.

Contact Center

Ensuring members have an exemplary service experience is critical to member satisfaction and institutional success. Contact Center is a cost-effective, scalable solution that enables credit unions to access member-first, responsive support after-hours or 24/7/365.

Plastic Management

Card creation has to be high quality, timely, and seamless for your members. Our team works with industry leaders for plastic production and personalization solutions, including the support of EMV and Contactless card programs. Whether you opt to have printing services onsite for instant issuance or seek a service that provides cards to your members quickly, our team does it all. MyCardCreation® is a tool that we recommend for credit unions to provide customized, personal designs on their cards, increasing activation, usage, and making your credit union top of wallet.

Chargeback Services

Handling chargeback services in-house can be costly in terms of time and staffing. Outsourcing this process to Synergent provides you with a team of experts ready to adeptly respond to, research, and manage the chargeback process.

Credit and Debit Card Processing and Reporting

Card processing is complex. With Synergent’s under one roof, integrated approach, we simplify the process for your credit union. Whether credit, debit, or ACH, we offer secure processing through a modern platform, then provide clean dashboard reporting so you can track the trends within your program. 

ATM Managed Services

Your credit union’s ubiquitous ATM terminals are sought after by both members and non-members to access funds while on-the-go. They are part of your brand and a digital extension of your team. The ATM Managed Services solution outsources ATM fleet maintenance and management, allowing credit unions to spend more time on member-focused activities. It takes vendor management, fraud management, ATM equipment upgrades, ATM driving and monitoring, first- and second-line maintenance, armored car services, software upgrades, and ATM security/compliance off of your plate.

One Call Is All You Need to Make

Synergent’s card offerings integrate seamlessly with other Synergent services. By providing complementary products, credit unions can access services like core processing, marketing, and a full range of payment programs under one roof. Opt for à la carte services that fit your credit union’s unique needs or opt into a complete integrated experience. That’s the Synergent Advantage.