Contactless Card Services

Your members are looking for seamless and efficient contactless card solutions precisely when they need them. As a credit union, you know that a well-rounded contactless card services program has many interconnected parts. Getting it right the first time makes all the difference for your members.

Synergent, your trusted partner in financial services, invites your credit union to explore our cutting-edge contactless card solutions. Start planning your credit union’s move to contactless card offerings with our help today!

Embrace the Contactless Card Revolution

The Synergent Advantage

At Synergent, we understand the evolving landscape of payments. Our proven approach empowers your credit union to seamlessly integrate contactless cards, enabling you to offer competitive contactless card solutions to your members.

We work alongside credit unions daily that are transitioning to contactless credit cards and debit cards. We’re well acquainted with the steps required to make your contactless offerings successful.

Streamlined Transactions, Unmatched Security

Contactless cards are more than just a payment method – they’re a way to enhance your members’ experience. With contactless cards, members can simply tap their card at checkout and be on their way, saving time and hassle.

Synergent’s contactless cards leverage the latest RFID and NFC technology, ensuring swift and secure transactions. Backed by the same robust encryption as EMV cards, our solutions provide members with the ultimate convenience without compromising on security.


Learn More About Contactless Card Services

The Synergent Experience

Collaborative Implementation

Navigating the transition to contactless cards is made effortless with Synergent. Our informative Q&A guide addresses common questions, giving your credit unions the insights to plan, implement, and enhance their seamless payment offerings.

Our knowledgeable team works with your credit union to develop a customized implementation plan, ensuring you have the necessary resources and tools for success. We also provide ongoing support and training to ensure your credit union maximizes the potential of contactless cards.

Card Services Redefined

Our commitment to collaboration shines through in our contactless card services. From concept to implementation, Synergent stands alongside credit unions, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions designed for your success.

Get Started with Contactless Cards

Contact your dedicated Account Relationship Manager or email to initiate your credit union’s transition to contactless cards.