Member Rewards

Credit unions must find innovative ways to stand out from their competitors. Offering competitive member rewards programs is one way to quickly become your members’ primary financial institution. An incentive program that rewards members for using products and services, credit unions can: 

  • Increase Card and Product Usage 
  • Encourage Member Retention 
  • Acquire New Members 
  • Foster Connections 
  • Build Member Loyalty 

One solution would not fit the needs of each credit union. While we can integrate with nearly any program, our team of experts has vetted and is pleased to promote three primary rewards solutions: Synergent Rewards, uChoose Rewards®, and ScoreCard® Rewards by FIS.

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Synergent Rewards 

Product Usage Rewards, Charitable Donations, Relationship Rewards, Jack Henry Symitar Core Integration 

Synergent Rewards is a turnkey, cost-effective incentive program for credit unions and their members that integrates directly with the Jack Henry Symitar® core processing platform. It empowers credit unions to control the criteria set for members to qualify for rewards, such as: 

  • Defining qualifying card transactions 
  • Completing a minimum number of ACH or ATM deposits or withdrawals 
  • Setting minimum use requirements for digital banking 
  • Requiring eStatements 
  • Matching rewards cycle with statement cycle 

Member Rewards: Set It and Forget It 

The credit union defines how rewards are earned. Rewards could include, but are not limited to: 

  • Higher yield dividends 
  • ATM fee refunds 
  • Cashback programs 

This simple, intuitive member loyalty program allows members to enroll, then efficiently rack up their rewards by conducting normal day-to-day transactions. 

Synergent Rewards Features 

  • White-label with credit union’s own branding 
  • Integration with Jack Henry Symitar core processing solution 
  • Flexible credit union rewards program configuration 
  • No additional software, maintenance, or third-party file transfers are needed—member data never leaves the core! 
  • eRewards notifications 
  • Clearly communicated program rules 
  • Complementing marketing solutions from our in-house Marketing Services team 

uChoose Rewards

Points Rewards, Merchant Loyalty, Charitable Donations 

uChoose Rewards is a points-based member loyalty program that allows members to earn points for using their credit union-issued debit or credit cards. This program is able to serve both your consumer and small business members, encourages member retention, and incentivizes debit and/or credit card use.  

  • Boost transactions 
  • Increase revenue  
  • Improve profitability 

How It Works 

As a white-labeled program, your members see your logo when they are interacting with the rewards platform. And your credit union has the flexibility to select the type of funding program that aligns best with your goals and objectives. It can be merchant-funded, issuer-funded, or a blend of the two. The points earned by members can be redeemed for: 

  • Gift cards 
  • Travel 
  • Cashback 
  • Merchandise 

With over a million redemption options, there’s truly something for everyone. The Merchant Network includes over 8,000 local and regional retailers, along with well-known national chains. You can even add your own business members to the network for free! To further drive usage and points accrual, members have the option of pooling points for faster accumulation toward redemption. 

uChoose Rewards Benefits 

  • Foster member loyalty by incentivizing usage  
  • Increase activation, usage, and spend rates  
  • Grow interchange income 
  • Define your program, your way, with your branding 
  • Gain market share by enhancing the value of your cards program 
  • Reward your members with redeemable points for valuable goods and services, or cashback 
  • Easy program setup and administration, and simple mobile app 
  • Work with specialists to gain insights and recommendations  

ScoreCard Rewards

A Loyalty Rewards Solution Exclusively for FIS Credit Customers 

For FIS Credit customers, ScoreCard Rewards® is a seamlessly integrated member loyalty rewards solution. Credit unions have the option of offering members the plug-and-play website or a custom website that reflects their own branding. Regardless of the selected interface, members are able to: 

  • Check point totals 
  • Browse for rewards 
  • Redeem points 
  • See real-time updates 

How It Works

Members are able to select from thousands of merchandise options available through the platform or can save instantly at participating retailers. They also can opt to receive: 

  • Gift cards 
  • Cash options 
  • Charitable awards 
  • Digital awards (such as iTunes downloads) 
  • Travel options (flights, cruises, hotels, car rental) 

Key Benefits

  • Seamless integration with FIS Credit 
  • Thousands of credit union member rewards options 
  • Turnkey, easy-to-use platform with white labeling options 
  • Dashboard capabilities and clear reporting foster member loyalty by incentivizing usage  
  • Increase activation, usage, and spend rates  
  • Grow interchange income 

Surcharge Free (SURF) ATM Network (Maine Only) 

Synergent connects credit unions to the Surcharge Free (SURF) ATM Network, which is the largest of its kind in Maine with over 250 locations. Members save an average of $300 per year on surcharge fees across the state.