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4 Payments Trends CUs Can Identify Using Synergent BI Payments Dashboards

Cardholders generate a lot of data just by making their day-to-day purchases. Whether they are shopping for groceries, ordering from favorite online retailers, or stopping at the local coffee shop for a daily cup of joe, significant insights can be gained by aggregating and analyzing transaction data. In the United States alone, 70% of our… Read more »

A Message from President/CEO Todd Mason – Addressing Social Inequity

The events that have transpired over the past week leave an eddy of emotions in their wake. Disappointment. Anger. Sadness. As these emotions swirl, the question that keeps coming to my mind is what we can do to help stop such events from happening another time? “Concern for Community,” the seventh of the Seven Cooperative… Read more »

COVID-19: Emerging Trends in Consumer Spending

The coronavirus pandemic continues to have a significant impact on consumer spending behavior and some noteworthy trends are emerging. Not surprisingly, March spending weakness continued into April, with the decline from March to April lower than the decline observed from February to March. Analysis shows that year-over-year consumer spending decelerated from -17.4% in March, to… Read more »

Contactless Cards Reduce Payment Terminal Touchpoints

When an essential trip to the store is necessary, consumers want a touch-free shopping experience. Actually, they need a touch-free shopping experience, specifically at the payment terminal. Contactless cards can provide this with their tap and go functionality. As consumers look for new ways to conduct transactions without touching common surfaces, interest in contactless payments… Read more »

Getting Creative with Interactive Digital Publications

At a time when many credit union lobbies are closed, it never has been more important to connect with members through personal communication. Using innovative digital tools, your credit union can provide a digital and interactive experience to its members, even from a distance. Get their attention by sharing valuable, timely content within modern interactive… Read more »

SWBC Payments Helps Members Transact Remotely

Credit unions and their members have had to adjust to a new normal. With the majority of branch lobbies closed due to social distancing, remote solutions are being sought and used as a necessity to continue completing transactions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Is your credit union able to process card or ACH payments quickly and… Read more »

Meeting Members Where They Are: Digital Banking

At a time when “social distancing” has become the norm and many credit union lobbies across the country have had to close for the time being, the ability to provide remote access to credit union products and services has never been more important. More and more members have embraced using digital banking to conduct transactions… Read more »

Reach Members On-the-Go with Synergent Tablet!

We are a mobile society. Bringing full-service credit union services out from behind the teller stand, on-the-go, can help credit unions connect with current members and cultivate new relationships. Synergent is proud to announce that Synergent Tablet is now available! This new, innovative product enables credit union staff to conduct real-time member transactions anytime, anywhere,… Read more »

SWBC Payments

Credit unions continue to grow in the indirect lending market, but despite how straightforward accepting payments may sound, this comes with operational challenges as to how these loans are serviced to best meet member needs. Specifically, how can card or ACH payments quickly and efficiently be processed? Members are used to fast, easy, card-based transactions…. Read more »

4 Reasons to Reward Members

It feels good to be rewarded. Members and potential members have many choices when selecting their primary financial institution. So how can credit unions stand out from the pack? By implementing a member-focused rewards program designed to build strong relationships! 1. It’s All About the Experience Simple and intuitive rewards programs capture member interest. Members… Read more »