Risk Management & Fraud Mitigation

In the digital world we live in, personally identifying information and financial data must be protected at all costs. As payments become more complex, the tools we use to prevent fraud must also become more sophisticated in order to protect your credit union and its members from fraudulent attacks.  

Advanced Risk Management Tools

Risk Office Advisor and Risk Advantage 

Offered through our partnership with Fiserv, Risk Office Advisor and Risk Office Advantage are very effective fraud detection tools for credit unions.

Available risk advisory services:   

  • Transaction routing 100% to real-time, Automated Risk Exemptions (ARES) 
  • An assigned risk analyst for consulting and recommendations 
  • A rule-authoring service 
  • A premium fraud rule package 
  • Analysis of tagged fraud transactions 
  • Customizable cardholder notification actions 
  • Monthly risk portfolio reports

Risk Office Advantage provides additional protections to those included with Risk Office Advisor, such as added capabilities provided through the Rule Manager rule authoring tool, where your credit union can create its own Enfact Special Rules and custom Hotlists for your special VIP members! 


CardTracker is an optional Fiserv product that can be used to track compromised cards identified in Mastercard or Visa alerts. It provides a daily report that lists all transactions which can be used to decide when to monitor a compromised card, or when to close the account and reissue the card.  

Compromised Cards is a web-based risk management tool available through CardTracker that allows you to search and retrieve compromised card alert information for your institution. Set your search criteria to view all your alerts or refine your search to be more specific. Based on your search criteria, Compromised Cards returns a list of compromised card alerts that can easily be downloaded as a text file.  

Cyber Fraud Warning 

Cyber Fraud Warning is designed to help your credit union be an early identifier of potentially compromised cards, allowing you to proactively execute your chosen method for reducing fraud. Previously, credit unions relied on alerts provided by the payment networks to indicate compromised card activity. Cyber Fraud Warning provides earlier breach detection based on confirmed fraud data, notifying your credit union of breaches up to 90 days earlier. This provides more valuable time to proactively protect your members. 

EnFact Premium Texting 

EnFact Premium Texting can improve how quickly and effectively your credit union communicates with its members. Fraud-alert texts can be sent as soon as implementation is complete, most effectively mitigating fraudulent activity by allowing cardholders to receive fraud alert notifications and giving them valuable time to react faster. 

One-Time Passcodes 

In an environment where fraudsters have increasing access to stolen personal information, call center fraud attacks are on the rise. One-Time Passcode (OTP), a component of Call Center Step-Up Authentication, is a service designed to fight call center fraud. This simple tool sends a five-digit passcode via SMS text or email to a mobile device listed in the Card Management application of CWSi, which can then be used for quick and convenient verification during the call without relying on knowledge-based questions. Analysis indicates that this extra validation step has succeeded in reducing fraud conducted or amplified through call center services. 

3D Secure 

In partnership with Visa and Mastercard, the 3D Secure authentication program improves cardholder transaction security and reduces the potential for fraud. Risk-based authentication measures for cardholder identification, enrollment in enhanced 3D Secure programs at the BIN level, and app and browser-based functionality drive the success of this frictionless tool to protect cardholders. 

Card Controls 

Empower members to be proactive in managing their accounts and preventing fraud with card controls. By being able to turn their card “on” or “off” from any mobile device, members can control where, when, and how their cards are used. 

  • Set alerts based on transaction amount, merchant type, or location 
  • Notify cardholder when a transaction is denied 
  • Control spending on multiple unique cards by setting custom limits
  • Increase revenue 
  • Reduce fraud 


Credit unions who partner with Synergent have access to Payments and Fraud Consulting services that help them maximize payment strategies and be proactive in protecting members from fraud.  

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