Synergent’s mission is to help credit unions succeed, and improve the financial lives of their members. We are a FinTech-focused service bureau that provides access to state-of-the-art core processing solutions, payments, programming and marketing services. Our organization delivers the unique operational solutions that each credit union needs to succeed.

As an organization owned by credit unions, and serving only credit unions, we understand our users’ needs. Synergent is first and foremost a service organization and serves as an extension of a credit union’s staff, allowing them to better serve their respective members and communities.


Synergent brings credit unions the best of both worlds. We’ve devoted considerable resources to identifying and deploying best-of-breed add-on solutions, and integrating them with Jack Henry’s Symitar core processing platform to provide credit unions with a seamless, end-to-end solution. What’s more, even though they have access to a wide range of third-party products, Synergent serves as a single point of contact for all service needs. Our programming solutions save credit unions time and IT costs by providing Symitar programming expertise to complete PowerOn and customized programming, archive conversions, business analysis, and third-party integrations.


In a data environment with growing challenges and risks, credit unions want protection, speed, and support. The security and peace of mind of members is our highest priority. Synergent Payments offerings include fraud protection, compliance, and the latest in mobile payments, chip-enabled technologies, and electronic check collection. For member convenience, we offer mobile channels and Shared Branching.


We make reaching out to members simple and effective. Our targeted marketing services leverage data to assist with loan growth, product penetration and marketing automation, including onboarding, enhanced statement processing and email marketing. We also use data mining to track results and find opportunities to deepen connections between credit unions and their members.