Members have many choices when selecting a financial institution. Credit unions must compete on convenience to meet member expectations. Intuitive, attractive, and engaging digital experiences are not optional—they are expected.

The Banno Digital Platform™ from Symitar® provides digital banking solutions designed for forward-thinking credit unions and helps them exceed member expectations. Its mobile-first strategy means it is easy for members to use anytime, anywhere. Because of its native integration with Episys®, it is a clean, fully integrated solution for credit unions to adopt to meet their digital banking needs. Through our partnership with Symitar, we are pleased to offer credit unions this digital banking option.

“The Banno Digital Platform isn’t just a great digital banking choice for Episys credit unions, it represents a major shift in the way credit unions interact with their members,” shared Jeff Will, Product Owner – Technology for Synergent. “For the first time, it truly merges the branch and digital experience, blurring a line that should not exist. Your members want the convenience of the digital channel and the personal attention your branch staff excels at providing. Banno Digital Platform has removed the barrier between the two, allowing members to immediately get the response they expect, all while providing a full-featured digital experience.”

The platform is composed of the following components:

  • Banno Mobile™
  • Banno Online™
  • Banno SupportSM
  • Banno PeopleSM
  • Banno ReportsSM


The digital banking experience works across users’ devices, enabling account holders to interact and transact seamlessly in a robust, secure, environment. This native app can be fully branded by the credit union. High-demand features include:

  • View balances and account activity – Provides access to account balances and summary information for checking accounts, certificates of deposit, money markets, loans, and lines of credit.
  • Internal and external funds transfers – Enables one-time, recurring, and future-dated transfers to be initiated.
  • Online bill payments – Integrates with iPay Solutions™ bill pay.
  • Remote deposit capture (RDC) – Integrates with multiple third-party remote deposit solutions.
  • View check images – View check images from in-branch, ATM, and RDC.
  • Add transaction details – Add tags, notes, and images to transactions.
  • Alerts and push notifications – Receive automatic alerts.
  • Switch accounts – Enables users to switch between signed-in profiles and other accounts.
  • Branch and ATM locations maps
  • Contact information and support hours

Banno Mobile uses biometric authentication or a 4-digit passcode for secure app access and is supported on both iOS and Android™ devices. The application is lightning fast, with transactions loading in just 1–3 seconds. This makes Banno Mobile one of the fastest digital banking platforms for members to use. Banno Online leverages a modern web browser to mirror the look and feel of Banno Mobile, creating a seamless digital ecosystem.

Members don’t want to talk to a bot when transacting digitally. Provide members with the same service, provided by the same support staff, through Banno Mobile and Banno Online. Banno Support is multifunctional. It provides a team inbox used by financial institutions to manage support cases, an environment for having support conversations with your end users in a chat interface, and a means by which cases can be assigned to employees.

  • Banno Conversations™ – Using this feature, staff can assist members using chat. With full visibility to member account activity and assurance that they’re fully authenticated, staff can assist members in the context of their moment of need.

For credit unions accessing member records, Banno People helps optimize Banno Mobile with a comprehensive view of users, including account details, recent transactions, transaction searches, notifications, and more. Features include:

  • Member profile details and searches – Displays core system information, including name, address, phone, username, email, Social Security Number, birthday, age, and demographic; and enables searches by username or email.
  • Account details and permissions – Provides a complete view of account details, including account name, account number, balance, and loan details. Enables easy user permissions management.
  • Consolidated end-user support – Banno People increases back office efficiency by consolidating end-user support and ongoing updates. For example, RDC velocity settings, eDocument settings, device de-authorizations, and much more can be administered within Banno People with near-real-time updates reflected in the user’s app and the systems outside the platform.
  • Activity timeline, recent transactions, and transaction search – Displays member actions with detailed event logging that can be exported to a CSV file, provides a complete view of transactions across a member’s accounts, and enables transactions to be searched by dollar amount, merchant name, or account.
  • Notifications – Supports in-app push messages and alerts that can include text, images, and links to be created and scheduled, and maintains all notifications sent to each member.
  • RDC requests – Manages access to RDC by approving members requesting the feature in-app.


Banno Reports enables app usage to be easily and accurately understood with reports that can be printed and exported via CSV files, including:

  • App usage – Provides detailed usage information, including active members, total members, new subscribers, retention, and average log-ins by day and time.
  • Transfers – Reports detailed amount of money moved, average transfer amount, average transfer amount per day, and average transfer amount per member.
  • Bill pay – Provides bill pay details and insights, including amount of money moved for payments, number of active members, percentage of total members enrolled, average payment amount, average payment amount per day, and average payment amount per member.
  • RDC report – Provides remote deposit details and insights, including amount of money deposited, number of active members, percentage of total members enrolled, average deposit amount, average deposit amount per day, and average deposit amount per active member.


Please contact your Account Relationship Manager to talk about best practices for using Banno at your credit union, to learn how to get started implementing it, or to learn about other digital banking solutions that Synergent recommends.