Annual meetings, member votes, and chapter gatherings are events that credit unions traditionally conduct in person, but now are frequently hosted online. Many events may be required, but also serve as great opportunities to connect with and engage with members.

Your Synergent team is pleased to offer tools and expertise to guide you in making the most of virtualizing your meetings.

Our prepackaged solution includes:

  • Planning and Consultation
  • Live Meeting Moderation
  • Email Notifications to Invitees
  • 30-Minute Dress Rehearsal
  • 20-Minute Pre-Meeting
  • 90-Minute Live Meeting

Live meetings can be proctored for:

  • Call Moderation
  • Q&A Monitoring
  • A/V Facilitation
  • Member Voting

We are here to help!

Synergent Marketing Services is here to help, whether it be for virtualizing a meeting or any additional member communications, education, and engagement. Let us know as your challenges and needs are changing in this difficult time and we will do our best to support you in new and innovative ways. Contact us today to get started!

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