Branding and Business Development: It’s more than donuts and coffee

Credit union branding has changed and evolved over the years; having an ad in the phonebook and putting donuts out in a business’ lobby is no longer an effective way to promote your credit union’s brand and attract members.   Blogger and industry speaker Mark Arnold shows that it is more than just the Marketing Department’s job to promote the brand in a new whitepaper recently published by CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council.  He writes it should be “a ‘brand triangle’ that consists of leadership, employees, and members, who are responsible for branding the credit union.”

“A credit union’s entire staff, from the board and CEO to tellers, loan officers and those in collections are owners of, and responsible for, living and protecting the brand,”  according to Arnold.

At Synergent, while we can provide you will the necessary tools to market to your members, lobby posters and informative statement inserts will only be effective if your credit union has an integrated brand that resonates with your community.  Having a brand that isn’t “lived and experienced” by all staff feels fake and members can tell. 

So how do you make sure you have the best branding possible? Examine the current brand to determine what your members currently feel about your credit union.  Include your credit union motto or mission at every member touch point, from the frontline staff to the literature they receive in the mail.  Engage this message at every level, including marketing, public relations, electronic mediums, business development and community relations and frontline staff. 

The credit union’s Marketing team and Business Development team need to work together to promote a cohesive brand.  Business Development staffs typically spend a majority of time dealing with the public, through visits to local businesses and chamber of commerce functions.  They must integrate the Marketing Department’s branding efforts and bring that message into the community. 

Synergent’s Direct Marketing Services division is all about helping you assess your current branding, and helping you towards a cohesive brand that resonates both with the credit union and your publics.  We can also help you finds ways to measure response and build your brand to be top of mind with your members. As a credit union service provider, we are completely understand it’s more than donuts and coffee that’s brings in new business and retains current membership. View the Synergent story: Powering Solutions.

Click here to view Mark Arnold’s short video clip for additional ways to apply and develop and integrated brand.