Employee Spotlight: Jeff Will, AVP – Product Development

Synergent’s mission is to ‘help credit unions succeed and improve the financial lives of their members.’ In our monthly Employee Spotlight series, we feature one of our dedicated staff members to help you get to know the people who are working as an extension of your credit union team. 

Jeff Will

Jeff Will, Assistant Vice President – Product Development, has long been a credit union supporter. Beginning his professional career with a credit union, he wields the knowledge and experience to understand the solutions they require to meet and exceed member expectations.    

I spent more than 20 years at a local credit union implementing technology solutions,” recalled Will. “That experience has helped me understand the challenges our customers face and the tools they use to get jobs done.” 

Will used what he gained from his time with the credit union as preparation for his role as a Business Analyst, which he transitioned to when he joined Synergent. He also feels his credit union experience armed him with empathy for Synergent’s customers, allowing him to succeed in his role on the Product Development team by anticipating and understanding their needs. 

“I’ve changed roles a couple of times since I started at Synergent, moving from Business Analyst, to Product Owner, to now leading the Product Development team,” explained Will. “I really enjoy how my role keeps me in touch with all parts of the organization.”

Formulating Solutions for Credit Unions

In the four years he has been with the company, he has been able to stick to what he loves.  

“I really like solving problems and building solutions that support a worthy cause,” said Will. “I became interested in finding the best ways to do this through Agile methodologies or product management frameworks before I came to Synergent and was thrilled to join Synergent’s Product Development team.” 

A typical day in Will’s role begins with stand-up meetings with his teams. Most days are spent attending various meetings with Synergent’s partners and other internal teams to remain aligned on projects and keep them on track. He also schedules time to complete work for Product Development initiatives that are underway. 

“The Product Development team’s sole focus is to identify and understand the problems facing credit unions and to prioritize solutions to address those problems,” Will described. 

Product Development works tirelessly to ensure the right solutions are available to credit unions when and how they need them. This year alone, they have delivered over 30 different roadmap items. They also host product roadmap webinars throughout the year to keep users up to date. 

“Our projects require input from all parts of the organization,” said Will. “I’m particularly pleased with the outcome of the Member Asset Verification with Accuity solution from this year that so many have contributed to over a long period. It is a great example of how we provide solutions for credit unions that allow them to spend more time building relationships with their members.” 

Will proudly points to those on his team who have helped make these product solutions possible, noting that it is truly a collaborative effort.  

“The highlight of my time with Synergent has been working with the extremely experienced and talented Product Development team,” explained Will. “I have learned so much from them and have enjoyed the whole experience.” 

Supporting Credit Union Success

Will also enjoys the chances he gets to speak directly with credit union staff. He appreciates the opportunities he gets to ask them about their goals and how they are making a difference for their members. Moments like these, along with the tasks required of his position, have allowed Will to develop Synergent’s offerings and as a leader within the organization. 

“Synergent has entrusted me with exciting responsibilities and has given me the opportunity to grow as a leader,” reflected Will. “Leading the Product Development team has deepened my understanding of areas such as cards that I had not worked with directly in my years at a credit union.” 

With over 20 years of experience and expertise, Will is committed to and passionate about credit union success.  

“I feel very privileged to have spent my entire professional career supporting the credit union movement.” 

Will is an avid, lifelong learner. When he is not working, he reads business and productivity books alongside his favorite literary classics, like Les Misérables, that explore human nature.