Resolute: Great Service, Great Relationships

Great service is what builds great relationships, and the Synergent staff takes a great deal of pride in both.  With the New Year, time has been taken to reflect on some of our top-of-mind resolutions. This year, and every year, we will strive to provide great products and service, while building strong relationships and developing our staff to make the most of new challenges and opportunities.

Exemplary Service
“To continually look for ways to improve the exemplary service we give our credit union partners, whether that is in small ways or large.” Dawn Paquet, Assistant Vice President, Payment Services

“We will focus on internal training to increase staff knowledge on the Episys platform, as well as third party products.” Susie Thibeault, Implementation & Training Analyst Team Lead

“We will continue to strive to be advocates for our credit union users – providing them with the information they need to keep their members’ data safe and secure.” Abbi Darling, Account Relationship Manager 

In 2015, credit unions are poised for growth with many new opportunities. These new opportunities will bring new challenges. Together, we will uncover solutions. We look forward to continuing the outstanding relationships we have, and the new relationships we will build in 2015.

Katy Ford
Marketing & Communications Assistant