The Core Solution to Driving Efficiencies…Your Core!

Fresh from the the 2013 Symitar Educational Conference and Technology Expo in San Diego, CA, Nick Chasse, Director of Sales Support for Synergent Technology Services, shares how with the right core processing partner, credit unions can enhance both efficiencies and service. Like so much of what Synergent staff took away from this event, when it comes to the core, the strength of a credit union’s future is truly built upon powerful partnerships.

When looking to improve staff efficiency levels, what should credit unions look for in a core system?

First and foremost, credit unions should look for flexibility and the ability to customize their core system. The core should provide credit union staff easy access to member data, in a clear and presentable format. Also, a core that is able to integrate easily with any third party is a must when maximizing efficiency levels.

In what ways can credit unions maximize their product offerings with more efficient and flexible core systems?

The core should be able to present product offerings on the main screens within the core system that credit union staff uses to service the member.  The core should be able to look at and analyze the member’s relationship with the credit union, and offer products and services that make sense.  Access to information to assist in product offerings should be integrated within the core, and no more than a click or two away.

Is it more cost effective and efficient to utilize a service bureau solution versus an in-house system?

There is certainly an advantage to utilizing a service bureau solution.  A service bureau is able to leverage the collective experience of working with many credit unions using the same core platform.  A core good system, with ample integration points, is traditionally highly complex.  Instead of maintaining a large IT staff, credit unions can take advantage of service bureaus, and their expertise of the core system, to ensure the core is being used to maximum potential. 

What specific features of your system give credit unions the greatest productivity boosts?

At Synergent, we utilize the Episys core processing platform and deliver the solutions from our data center.  There are a few items that truly set Synergent apart, enabling us to deliver a highly efficient core processing experience:

  • PowerOn – Synergent has worked with nearly 60 credit unions in delivering the Episys core processing platform.  PowerOn provides the ability to implement various customizations in the core, whether it be reports, extracts to and from external systems, or simply a way to display the data quickly and easily to credit union staff.  
  • SymForms – Utilizing the PowerOn tool mentioned above, Synergent has worked with credit unions to take electronic forms to the next level with highly complex electronic forms (SymForms)
  • SMA Op/Con – Synergent partnered with SMA in the early days of transitioning our client base to the Episys platform.  Using this product, we’ve been successful in automating and monitoring millions of batch jobs, online services, and file transfers. This has truly helped us achieve more of a “lights out” processing environment, and provides tremendous efficiencies to credit unions when they do not have to worry about running batch in the evenings, performing backups of their core system, or having to monitor a critical service such as home banking overnight or weekends.