Top 10 Marketing List for 2024

Where did 2023 go? As we look to ring in a brand-new year, it is a great time to assess the tried-and-true marketing tools and strategies that continue to perform well, along with some new approaches to consider. By analyzing our data and hearing credit union feedback from our partners coast-to-coast, we have pulled together the following tips to help you as you plan your 2024 marketing initiatives.  

1. Try AI 

With 2023 being the year artificial intelligence took off in the marketing world and beyond, we would be remiss not to mention it on this list. Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, Dall-E 2, Google AI, and many more are rapidly emerging. As a new tool in our marketing toolboxes, this is a trend that is here to stay and is worth exploring.  

2. Plan Onboarding and Reboarding Campaigns 

Implementing these perennial campaigns into your marketing strategy is a fantastic way to connect with your members. Onboarding is a means to welcome and educate your newest members about the products and services available to them at your credit union. Reboarding is similar, but instead targets your longtime, loyal members to inform them of products and services that they may not be aware of at your credit union that they are not currently using.   

3. Communicate About Your Payments Offerings  

Unlock the power of member data with automation to increase member engagement, product adoption, and service utility to enhance and optimize each member’s journey at your credit union. Educating them about tools and services such as your cards programs, contactless payments, and rewards are just a few ways to connect!  

4. Connect with Conversion Communications 

Conversions and migrations do not happen frequently at a credit union. But for our team, we routinely help credit unions communicate a conversion or migration with their staff and their members. Our team is prepared to help credit unions inform, educate, and connect with members through a fun, engaging campaign!  

5. Stay at the Top of the Digital Wallet 

Digital wallets allow your members to use their credit cards and debit cards through their smartphones or other connected devices. Don’t miss the opportunity to be at the top of their digital wallets. 

6. Educate Members About Debt Relief Options 

Whether it is debt consolidation, skip-a-pay, overdraft protection, personal loans, or providing financial fitness offerings, leveraging your member data can help your credit union identify the best candidates to receive information about your debt relief solutions. 

7. Drive Deposit Growth 

Across your savings, checking, share certificate, direct deposit, and remote check deposit offerings, creating campaigns to raise awareness and to promote targeted offers can drive deposit growth, as well as member product adoption.  

8. Make Auto & RV Lending Dreams Reality 

Members have various goals when making a vehicle purchase. Whether needing to purchase a day-to-day car or wanting to buy the camper or ATV of their dreams, a targeted, data-driven campaign helps you meet your credit union’s goals along with those of your members. 

9. Hone In on Home Lending 

Help your members achieve their financial goals, whether that is opening a new mortgage, leveraging their home equity, or expanding their knowledge to set themselves up for future financial success. 

10. Brainstorm Your Next Campaign 

We invite you to review our Portfolio, filled with award-winning campaigns created by our Marketing Services team. Jot down your ideas, then let’s chat about your next campaign. 

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